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useful informations/ details for New and old UNN students

University of nigeria, unn, on of the b university of our time,
In this article we have gathered some useful informations that will be of help to the students in general both old/ aspirants .
This informations includes,

How to get/pay for Accommodation + rules an regulations 2017/2018:

   GENERAL UNN Accommodation Information 2017/18
This is to inform all students of UNN (Prospective and returning)
to take note of the following important information with regards
to student accommodation for the 2017/18 session:
1. The University has limited spaces for student
2.    The accommodation is allocated on a first come, first serve
3. First Year and final year students are given high priority
during allocation.
4. First years are allocated 40% of the total accommodation,
final years 30% while others and
special needs are allocated 30%.
5. All Nursing Mothers must apply for accommodation online
and must notify the authorities early.
(You are permitted to stay alone in a room or be two persons in a
6. The following are highly prohibited and will attract eviction
from the hostel:
• Squatting of any kind.
• Late return to the hostel at night.
• Smoking.
• Drinking of Alcohol.
• Stealing.
• Fighting and quarrelling.
• Use of hotplates, electric boiling ring, refrigerator, gas cooker
and so on.
• Use of generator sets.
• Defecating and bathing at undesignated places.
• Pouring of water in undesignated places.
• Defacing of Hostel walls by posting of bills, posters and any
7.    Only students who have specifically met the following will be
qualified for hostel
• Paid all school fees till date.
• Registered all courses online till date.
• Possess the University ID card or have been successfully
• Possess and use the University student email address.
8. All hostel accommodation invoices are valid for only three
days after generation. (Any student
who fails to pay online within the three day period will forfeit the
9. All Rev Sisters are to follow the authorised process for
10. Physically challenged students must also generate invoice
and proceed to make payments.
Please find below the process flow:
1. Log in to the UNN Portal-
2. Enter your username and password (Your username is your
Registration Number for old
students and JAMB registration number for new students).
3. Click on Hostel Allocation.
4. Click on Apply for Bed space (Select Hostel and Room No)
5. Click on Apply.
6. Print the Invoice carrying your RRR number and proceed to
the bank or make payment using
your ATM Card
7. Return to the portal and Click on Hostel Allocation.
8. Click on pay for your hostel and enter your Remita Retrieval
Reference number.
9. Submit and print Receipt.
ICT Unit

SCHOOL Fees General informations for all levels year.

In unn price of school fees is always changing and are different from level to level,
Just download below and Go through it:

For First Year Fee Schedule Download here
for second year school fee schedule.

fees for final year students

fees for student laptop

accomodation fees for all students

How to change level

Though this is not for everybody, it is for those that where placedwrongly or for some vital reasons, you can Now change the level/ step down

1. Go to M.I.S (portal section) with a proof of the previous
school fees receipt.
2. You will be attended to by the staff in charge.
1. Use your University e-mail address to send a mail to , indicating the level you are and the level you
see in your profile.
2. The Customer Service after confirmation will treat your
NB: Any student that was asked to step down by the faculty or
department must attach to the mail a signed evidence to the

How to check your results online:

Go to ICT ( Access Bank building) to purchase your
“Semester Result checking Card”.

 Type in the address bar on your browser and type in the
portal url ( ) as shown below.
 Press the enter key on your keyboard, the following screen
will appear.
Type in your registration number in the username, then type
in your password. Press the enter key or click on the “Login”
button to see the following screen.

From the menu items on the left, click on “RESULT” to see the
next screen as shown below. Observe the dropdown menu under

Click on “View Result”, the following screen will appear as
shown below.

 Click on “Select Session” to select the session of the result
you want to check.
8. Click on “Select Semester” to select the semester of the
result you want to check.
9. Type in your scratch card pin in the “Scratch Card Pin”
10. Click on “Submit” button. Your semester result will appear as
shown below.

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